Filippello Park Spray Pad Renovation Project

New Spray Pad

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Filippello Park is a multi-use park located between Arlington and Grove Streets. It is situated on 14 acres of land and includes various amenities including restrooms, 3 basketball courts, 2 picnic pavilions, a playground, tot lot, walking path and spray pad.

The goal of the project is to improve the existing spray pad. The project will include demolition, clearing, removal and disposal of the existing spray pad and equipment, drains, water service lines, electrical service, spray pad water service controls and manifold in the adjacent restroom building. Once this is completed, the installation of a new spray pad, inclusive of new 2,500 sq. ft. non-porous rubber play surfacing, 15 feature multi-zone spray feature equipment, seat blocks, water service lines, electrical services, water service controls and manifold, water pressure reducers, stormwater/sewer diverter structure and a sewer backflow preventer.

Previously Existing Spray Pad

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Proposed Spray Pad

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Meet the Project Team!

Proposed Schedule:

City Council MeetingFirst Reading - Loan OrderMarch 14, 2023
City Council MeetingPublic Hearing & VoteMarch 28, 2023
Construction ContractBid OpeningMarch 7, 2023
Construction PeriodApril 2023 start constructionJuly 2023 end construction

Project Presentation PDFs

Filippello Park Spray Pad Site Improvements – March 2023 (PDF)