Cemetery FAQs

How do I pre-buy a cemetery plot?

Due to space constraints, it is the City’s policy to not allow pre-need sale of cemetery plots.

Who is eligible to purchase graves and how many can I purchase?

Watertown residents are eligible to purchase graves on an as needed basis. You may purchase one grave which includes 2 full casket burials.

What is the cost to purchase and burial?

The current rates are $1050 for the plot, $800 for each opening and $350 for perpetual care.

What about a monument?

Monument and Markers may be erected subject to approval of the manager or his designee. Lot and section identification must be on the base of the monuments. All monuments must be erected on concrete foundations to be built by the cemetery personnel. Statues are prohibited.

Monuments must be erected during regular working hours – Monday thru Friday between 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM. One monument is allowed per lot, and it must be centered on the lot. The cemetery is not responsible for damage to monuments.

The cost for a foundation is $300, and the cost for a flush marker is $60.

Are plantings allowed?

No. They City cannot be held responsible for anything left at a grave site (I.e. toys, balloons, solar lights, plants, etc.) Cemetery cleanups are performed by the City semiannually.

What are cemetery hours?

All cemeteries are open from dawn to dusk, but they are only staffed Monday through Friday 7am-3pm.

How often are grave side bushes trimmed?

The Cemetery Division trims bushes once per year typically during the month of August.

When is the water turned on/off?

The water in the cemeteries is on between May 1st and November 1st. (weather dependent)

How often is the grass cut?

The grass is cut in the cemeteries once per week during the months of April through November.