Completed Projects

Upper Waverley Ave. (Orchard Street to Belmont Street)

The City reconstructed Upper Waverley Ave., between Orchard Street and Belmont Street, in 2021. 

Common Street Road Reconstruction

The project provided a “complete streets” approach to the Common Street corridor to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety, improve traffic operations, and increase safety at the five-legged intersection of Common Street, Orchard Street, and Church Street.

2020 Sewer System Improvement Program 

The City undertook a sanitary sewer improvement project including the installation of approximately 16,000 feet of cured-in-place (CIP) sewer pipe. This is commonly known as sewer lining. This process allows the contractor to reconstruct certain sections of badly deteriorated sewer “in place” rather than the traditional disruptive method of excavating and replacing the existing pipes.

2020 Water Main Replacement Program

The City replaced aged water mains on Oak Street, Nash Street, Essex Street, and Pine Street.

Bromfield Street Water Main Replacement

In 2021, DPW upgraded the water main on Bromfield Street.