Household Furniture Recycling and Disposal

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If you are looking for a way to donate your furniture and other home goods to a new home, ReSupply, a Boston-based & Veteran-operated company, provides high service fee-based home pickup option. ReSupply works with local charities to give your unwanted furniture and household goods a second life. ReSupply will go into the home, go up and down stairs, and even disassemble items if needed! Residents receive a tax credit for their donation as well.

Wooden and upholstered household furniture (excluding mattresses) must be scheduled and paid for curbside pickup through the Republic call center by calling either 781-289-0500 or 844-737-8254. Please consider donating, selling, or gifting furniture and items that are in workable condition. This keeps large items out of disposal and decreases the need to create and transport new items.

Prices for all bulk items (burnable, white goods, and TVs/monitors) will depend on the item type, size, and shape, with a minimum of $5 per item. Small/medium items will be capped at $25/per item, and large items such as couches/fridges will be capped at $50/per item. Call the Republic call center at 781-289-0500 to schedule a pickup on Thursdays. These items can also be dropped off at the Recycle Center for free.

Many items that cannot go into the curbside totes can still be recycled. Please check Watertown’s options for how to recycle or dispose of different types of materials. Watertown promotes reuse over disposal, so whenever possible, please consider donating, gifting, or selling items that are in good and working condition. Recycling is a great option for many materials but continued use of existing and working items is always the option to strive for!

Options for selling, donating, and gifting: Facebook marketplace, Buy Nothing Watertown (South), MA | Facebook,,

Check out the Donate-Don’t Dispose page for other options of where to donate working items.

The City of Watertown offers a set price of $20/ item for those customers who meet certain income-based criteria. If you are a Watertown resident in an owner-occupied property and receive a Section 17D or Section 41C real estate exemption, you qualify for this set price. If you are a Watertown resident and receive fuel assistance, you qualify for this set price. Please email a letter of interest and appropriate documentation of fuel assistance or real estate exemption to the Recycling Division, at